Collect Scrap Metal In Order To Raise Money For An Upcoming Rafting Trip For A Youth Group That You Mentor

If you are a mentor for a youth group in your community and would like to raise extra money for an upcoming rafting trip for a group trip, hold a drive to collect scrap metal. The metal items can be sold to a recycling center that purchases metal products. As a result, you will be closer to reaching the monetary goal that you have set and you will be helping to clean up your local community.

Provide A Free Admission To A Picnic Party In Exchange For Metal Items

Plan to host a picnic party at an outdoor venue. Advertise for the party by posting signs outside of the building where you mentor the group of children. Place an ad in a local newspaper as well. Make sure that your advertisement specifies that you would like attendees to drop off metal items when they arrive at the party. In exchange for each person's contribution, provide them with a picnic lunch.

Seek people in the community who are willing to donate items for the event, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, and drinks. Set up blankets and lawn furniture for everyone to sit on. Play music and offer some simple lawn games, such as horseshoes or badminton for guests to play after they are done eating. If someone would like to attend the event, but does not have any scrap metal to donate, charge them a small admission fee, which can be put towards the cost of the rafting trip.

Post Fliers And Offer To Pick Up Items

Create a flier that describes the metal fundraising drive and the type of metal items that you are seeking and have several copies of it made. Provide a contact number on the fliers for interested individuals to call. Hang the fliers up in public areas in your neighborhood. Recruit some friends or family members to assist you with collecting the scrap metal that people are donating.

Touch base with each person who is making a donation to confirm a time and day for the items to be picked up. Place all of the metal inside of a pickup truck or on a trailer and transport the items to a recycling center. If you do not have a way to transport the items, call a recycling center to make arrangements to have the scrap metal picked up.

Your scrap metal fundraising effort may be successful as long as you have plenty of supporters. Before long, you will raise enough money for the rafting trip and can look forward to enjoying the time spent with your youth group's members relaxing as you float along the water.